i-pilates intro

Usually run as a six week course to introduce you to Pilates and its principles. The courses run throughout the year so get in touch or book your next course via the online booking page.

The i-pilates intro program is for complete beginners or for those that have had a break in practice and want to refresh and start at the beginning. After completing a foundation course you can join other classes.

i-pilates core progression



For anyone that has done Pilates before who shows a good understanding of the ABCs. You will develop your Pilates skills and focus on the main mat work repertoire, with an emphasis on core control, balance, strength and stability.

i-pilates flow progression +



For an advanced workout to challenge your stamina. Emphasis on the 34 Matwork Classical Exercises. A more flowing class for those with good core control who want to move into more advanced exercises.  Your core stability and coordination will certainly be challenged. Its a workout.

i-pilates studio Apparatus lessons



Experience private tuition, 2:1 or semi private group training on all of the studio equipment: Reformer, tower unit, Cadillac, Wunda Chair Pedi-Pole and small Barrels. Either for rehabilitation or for a complete mind and body workout!

i-pilates Yoga



Monthly Yin Yoga a quiet meditative practise. The real benefits of practising Yin yoga are not only physical but also emotional; it is good for mental health and wellbeing.


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