My teaching philosophy is to inform – instruct and inspire with integrity! A typical lesson would see us work through a series of exercises on the mat and apparatus with integrity staying true to the universal six principles of Pilates:


Control: Joe Pilates called his method Contrology. A mind body control over the muscles paying full attention to all the details of positioning and sequencing.


Centering: To work from the centre. To explore and understand the importance of initiating the movement from a stable source.


Concentration: To practise the exercises with mindful intent and focus.


Breath: Breath facilitates life and thus all movement.


Precision: To pay attention to the optimal alignment of the body as a whole, in order to work imbalances and maintain the true integrity of the work.


Flow: Pilates is a unified workout, each exercise is linked, the transitions are as important as the exercises. To learn the rhythmic quality of the workout!

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