My training started in 2009 with Body Control Pilates (BCPA), Europe's foremost professional teaching establishment. I have been constantly learning and developing my knowledge of Pilates ever since. I have done specialist courses for golfers, Pilates for sports performance, runners and cyclists. I have studied in depth Osteoporosis and the older population. This year I have begun further classical training with Pi Studios in Battersea with the wonderful Holly Murray and I'm inspired more than ever! 

I love the simplicity of matwork but Pilates always includes the apparatus. The apparatus helps you, supports you, challenges you, gets you working more efficiently and effectively. 

I was a textile designer, weaver and designer of hand embroidered fabrics for interiors, having studied at St. Martin's School of Art. I have an eye for detail, and an interest in the make up and structure of things. As it happens these qualities led me to become fascinated 10 years later with the body. I discovered Pilates due to an injury 17 years ago: I was inspired by the method, the discipline, control and effectiveness of developing a strong and flexible body. Pilates healed me. Teaching Pilates is about carefully watching movement, noticing habits, strength and weaknesses, but, overall, empowering and inspiring people. 

I competed and pushed my body for 7 years in Triathlon; I worked my way up to Ironman 70.3 (the 70.3 is the total miles self-powered, swim bike run). So I understand those who have a goal and will strive to get there!

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